The Roller Burnishing Toolconsists of a series of hardened and highly polished precision tapered rolls positioned in slots within a retaining cage on the tapered stem. The Tool is sized so that the rolls develop steady rolling pressure against the work surface, a pressure that exceeds the yeild point as the rolls rotate, they cause the peaks of metal to 'Flow' into the valleys. This plastic deformation or cold working removes tool marks and surface irregularities, resulting to mirror like surface finish.

Advantage of Roller Burnishing Tools & Burnishing Tools

Unrivalled short machining times, eliminates the need for grinding & honing, high wear resistance, cost efficiency, no skilled labor needed, improves physical properties and adjustable size settings.

Preparing of Roller Burnishing Tool

The work piece should be prepared for Roller Burnishing by regular machining process such as turning, boring, reaming and grinding. In general all malleable materials, such as steel, non-ferrous metals and CI not exceeding 45 Rockwell C hardness [upto 1400 N/nm2] can be roller burnished. One of the keys to successful burnishing is proper part preparation. It should be machined to final tolerance with an allownance of stock on diameter for burnishing.

Stock allowance for Roller Burnishing Tools

Tool diameter - mm Stock allowance - mm
5 - 12 0.005 - 0.013
13 - 12 0.010 - 0.021
26 - 12 0.017 - 0.03
50 and above 0.025 - 0.0453

The above values are approximate and it varies depends on metals, pre-finish and size.